Rig Inspection

Rigging Inspections

Regular checks of your mast, spars, standing and running rigging are essential to avoid any unexpected surprises while you’re afloat. Our standard rig inspection service is a visual check of everything above deck. Our rigging professionals will visit your boat and, after spending time on board, will have everything they need to send you a full written report.

Standing and running rigging suffers over time from bending fatigue when in use; particularly where wires enter their terminals, at the screw thread root in turnbuckles and where a limitation of good articulation occurs.

Poor articulation in both rod and wire rigging can lead to a shorter working lifespan and eventual failure, so it should never be assumed that the ’10-year’ rigging lifespan rule applies to every yacht type.

Each design is often very different in its geometry and rigging components.

Our professional inspection service, based on a working knowledge of the different mast terminations and rigging components, will identify any existing problems and we can give recommendations for their improvement and/or replacement.